Garmin GPS is the mostly used device for automotive, sports, health, and outdoors. Garmin GPS makes an easy for users to go anywhere without any route hassles. Garmin users faced trouble when their Garmin GPS not turning on or Garmin not charging issue.

Sometimes after updating Garmin GPS Map, the Garmin not turning on issue occurred. There are various reasons behind the Garmin not charging or Garmin GPS not turning on issue. Let’s discuss the causes and their solutions to fix the issue.

Causes Behind the Garmin GPS Not Turning On Issue

  • When your device battery dead
  • Device SD card corrupted
  • Damaged Power cable
  • Also, find here the Causes of Garmin GPS Not Charging Issue:
  • When you have faulted USB Cable
  • Pending Garmin GPS Map Update
  • Device internal issues
  • Damaged battery or power jack

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Garmin GPS not Turning on or not Charging Issue 

Let’s start fixing the Garmin GPS not turning On or Garmin not charging issue.

• Check Device Battery

When your Garmin device not turning on, first you need to check your Garmin device battery. Make sure the device has a fully charged battery. If it is turned off, that means the device's battery has died. So you need to change the dead batteries with a new one.

• Check Power Cables

Another reason Garmin GPS not turning on is damaged Power cables. Make sure your USB power cables aren’t damaged or cracked. If it is replace it with a new one.

• Check Micro SD Card

Make sure Micro SD Card is not corrupted. Sometimes users inserted a corrupted SD card, that’s why your Garmin not turning on. Remove the SD card and then re-insert the card properly.

These are some troubleshooting methods to fix Garmin GPS not turning on issue. Still, an issue is not resolved, then follow more methods to fix Garmin not turning on issue.

Why is my Garmin not Charging? Methods to Fix It

Follow the troubleshooting steps to fix Garmin not charging issue.

• Check the USB power Cables

The Garmin not charging issue has shown due to a damaged or cracked USB Cable. Make sure you haven’t used damaged USB cables, if it is then replace them with a new one.

• Update Garmin Device

If you haven’t updated your Garmin GPS, then your Garmin device has shown a not charging issue. Fix the Garmin not charging issue, so kindly update Garmin GPS Map with the latest versions.

• Check Vehicle Cable

Check the issue does not in your vehicle’s cigarette lighter outlet. Use the 12-volt adapter to fix the Garmin not charging issue.

Last but not least, if your Garmin not charging issue still persists, then follow more steps to fix Garmin not charging issue.

Contact Garmin Experts

I hope all the above steps may resolve the Garmin not turning on or Garmin not charging issue. In case you need any help to fix the issue, then contact Garmin support experts through Free Live Chat.